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CrossFit Level 2 Pass Rate: Is it Hard?

The CrossFit Level 2 Certificate Course is an intermediate-level program that builds upon the foundational concepts and movements introduced in the Level 1 Certificate Course. It is designed for CrossFit trainers who are committed to delivering high-quality coaching. Let’s dive into the details:

CrossFit Level 2 Course Content:

  • Advanced CrossFit Methodology: Participants deepen their understanding of the CrossFit methodology, including movement mechanics, programming principles, and scaling strategies.
  • Program Design: Coaches learn how to design effective CrossFit programs for various populations and goals.
  • Coaching Skills: The course emphasizes coaching others in movements and workouts, refining communication, and providing constructive feedback.
  • Assessment: Attendees must successfully complete an online assessment within 30 days of course attendance. Failing to meet this requirement results in a Certificate of Attendance instead of certification.

CrossFit Level 2 Pass Rate

  • The pass rate for the CrossFit Level 2 certification is approximately 80%. This is much higher than the Level 3 Pass Rate.
  • However, it’s essential to note that the Level 2 certification is intentionally challenging. CrossFit maintains high standards to ensure coaches possess advanced knowledge and skills. If your goal is merely to have the certification without truly understanding and embodying the principles, it might not be the right path.

Why Pursue CrossFit Level 2?

  • Enhanced Coaching Skills: Level 2 trainers can deliver more effective coaching, benefiting their clients and athletes.
  • Higher Earning Potential: CrossFit Level 2 trainers typically earn more per hour than Level 1 trainers.
  • Continued Education: For just a slightly higher cost than revalidating a Level 1 certificate, coaches can gain a higher credential and further education.

In summary, the CrossFit Level 2 certification challenges both physical and mental abilities, going beyond basic movements to focus on programming, coaching, and scaling. It’s a valuable step for serious coaches aiming to excel in the CrossFit community.

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