Barbell Jobs was created to scratch our own itch.

We've been gym fitness owners and have struggled to find great fitness talent. We know the frustration of spending hundreds of dollars on sponsored job posts to find people that were only 50% of a good fit. This was preventing our instructors from growing their careers, and negatively impacting our clients who trust us with their fitness goals.

We've also been fitness instructors who have struggled to find a studio, affiliate, or gym where we could feel fully comfortable and develop personally, professionally, and physically.

We've spent hours on both sides of giant job boards, sifting through dozens of low-effort applications and postings from folks completely unfamiliar with the fitness industry.

When you can't find a solution to a problem, you build one yourself.

In 2019, we created a Facebook group for job opportunities in the fitness space. The group ended up growing to more than 7,000 members, and we decided to create something bigger and more flexible to serve the fitness industry.

After a rebrand and website refresh, Barbell Jobs emerged as the premier job board in the fitness recruitment sector. Since then, we’ve continued to advocate for top talent by making it easy to find fitness employment opportunities all over the world, as well as assisting coaches and gyms in their own business and personal growth.

Barbell Jobs is now one of the leading jobs boards not just for Functional Fitness but for people in the fitness industry as a whole.

Join us in our journey to build happy healthy businesses and people through fitness.